Indian GMO Research Information System (IGMORIS) is a web based database on activities involving the use of GMOs and products thereof in India. The primary purpose of this website is to make available objective and realistic scientific information relating to GMOs and products thereof under research and commercial use to all stakeholders including scientists, regulators, industry and the public in general. It is also expected to promote national and international collaborations in biotech research.

Biotechnology research in India is funded primarily by government agencies such as DBT, CSIR, ICAR and ICMR. However, there is no single source from which consolidated information can be sourced on products based on GMOs. DBT with its mandate to promote, steer and regulate research in modern biotechnology, has created this web based database on GMO research.

Indian GMO Research Information System (IGMORIS) proposes to consolidate information on research and development activities throughout the country by incorporating details such as product or process, the institution and scientists, sponsors etc. The information can be accessed through this website by all stakeholders including sponsoring agencies, scientists, regulators, industry and the public in general.

The collection of information for this database is being done by extensive networking and frequent periodic interaction with various public and private institutions and funding agencies all over the country. The information is placed in a user friendly form on the website with a facility to search the database for specific enquiries.